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Government Jobs

If you imagine that employees in government jobs only hunch over computers or tackle towers of bureaucratic paperwork, think again. Certainly, some positions call for these tasks, but government jobs can be surprisingly creative and diverse. Here?s a look at some possibilities.

Arts and Communications Government Jobs

Many positions at multiple levels of government such as city, state and federal call for employees to use their artistic and communications skills. For the FBI alone, you could work in:

  • Graphic design
  • Physical design
  • Photography
  • Audio-visual production

Not to mention, FBI agents in the field have to draw upon a wealth of innovative and daring know-how, particularly if they're undercover.

City or state government jobs could have you spearheading marketing campaigns before the rollout of a new public parks program or photographing the beautiful outdoors.

Scientific Government Jobs

Government jobs at all levels call for science-minded folks. You could work for NASA as an aerospace engineer or for the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a physical scientist. You could be a scientific technician in a state position and, in a local government job, be responsible for ensuring that the ecosystems in city parks remain healthy.

Forensic chemists can work for any level of government to help solve crimes. They put their skills to use in crime labs as they analyze trace evidence.

Travel-Oriented Government Jobs

Some government jobs can take you all over the country or the world. For example, you could be a:

  • Translator or interpreter
  • Detective
  • Nurse
  • Health and safety specialist
  • Legislator
  • Foreign Service officer

And, of course, many people have the option of joining the military and seeing parts of the world that most Americans never get to experience.

Service-Oriented Government Jobs

If you love helping people, the government could use you in a job such as:

  • Teacher
  • Social worker
  • Community services coordinator
  • Community health nurse
  • Firefighter
  • Police officer

For the U.S. Department of Education alone, you could work in areas such as civil rights, elementary education, secondary education or federal student aid.

So, as you can see, government jobs aren?t necessarily about clocking in and out and pushing paper around. They can help you take flight and experience the world.

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